South Africa: A Lesson of Freedom

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From the Pacifica Radio archives, this archival audio gem:

“Rhodesia came into existence as a colonial slave state, established during the halcyon days of the British Raj. A quick glance at a modern world map, however, attests that the powerful colony would eventually assert the right of self-rule… that from the belly of Rhodesia, the independent nation of South Africa would be born.

LISTEN to this episode.

“National independence, however, is not synonymous with freedom. Was it possible that the oppressed could set a new standard for freedom-fighters the world over? In the face of modern technological warfare, could they succeed? And if so, how without the gutters of Johannesburgh running red with blood?

Steve „Bantu“ Biko (*1946, †1977) wird

“Stephen Biko, a soon-to-be martyred activist,

++Desmond Tutu


Desmond Tutu – an Anglican priest from a township parish,



and Nelson Mandela, an imprisoned social activist,

would inform history of a new process of emancipation. Together they would prevail upon the state and the world to recognize humanism as the true basis for national sovereignty, and demonstrate a method whereby, for the first time in history, the slaves would free their masters.

“This week, From the Vault explores the stories of three heroic South African leaders, woven together by the songs of Mama Africa, Miriam Makeba, and the recollections of Pacifica’s own Eva Georgia and Bridgette Ramasodi, women who grew up in South Africa under Apartheid.

“From the Vault brings you the inspiring story of South Africa’s struggle for freedom and social justice – South Africa: A Lesson of Freedom”

LISTEN to this episode.


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++Peter to ++Rowan Afrikaners: Voed die nuwe nasie die ou etnos?

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